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Trial Results

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Trials/Events - 2013


e had a very successful Trial on September 7th and 8th with GSSCC Judge Dave Grant. Thanks Dave for a fun and fair trial. We couldn't have asked for better weather and the tracking conditions were ideal even though every dog decided to false indicate. Go figure!
Congratulations to Ken Heald who got a record 4 titles in one weekend. He and Kasi succeeded in their IPO 1 with High Tracking. Kasi a...lso completed an AD with Ken's wife Sue. He and Tracker successfully completed their IPO 3 and an AD.
Ken and Tracker were High in Trial, High Obedience and High Protection.
Our four successful BH's were Wendy and Miikka, Claire and Chase and Sherri with Rayden and Ruby.
Marly and Tango passed their TR 1 but ran into some problems in their OB 1. The next time she trials it will be for her IPO 1.
Both Jacki and Barqs and Lol and Kai ran into problem in Tracking but were successful in obedience and protection.
A huge thank you to our ultra efficient trial secretary Sherrel Pucci. An even huger thank you to our Helper Pino Pucci who spends countless hours getting us ready for trial and then does all the trial helper work. We couldn't have a trial without you! Pino also laid tracks for this trial.
Thanks also to everyone else who contributed with food, ice, cooking, cleaning and set up, gifts cards booze and anything else I may have forgotten. It's so great when everyone works so well together making our trials and seminars so successful!


Wendy Talbot and Miikka - Pass
Claire Menard and Chase - Pass
Sherri Campbell and Rayden - Pass
Sherri Campbell and Ruby - Pass

TR 1
Marly Dejardins and Tango - 62

OB 1
Marly Dejardins and Tango - 80


Ken Heald and Kasi - 90 82 82 "a" 254
Jacki Barnes and Barqs - 40 95 88 "a" /

Lol Carvalho and Kai - 45 81 81 "a" /

Ken Heald and Tracker - 88 87 92 "a" 276

Jacki Barnes and Barqs Pass
Ken Heald and Tracker Pass
Sue Heald and Kasi Pass